The Great Outdoors

5 03 2010

For two blissful weeks, I was immersed in a world of sports as I watched the ups and downs — sometimes literally — of the Winter Olympics. My daily routine revolved around the latest news from Vancouver. After a while, I felt closer to Bob Costas than my parents.

Sorry, mom.

But now that the Olympics are over, what can an armchair enthusiast like me do to get my outdoor fix?

What’s that you say? There’s a verdant bounty of nature at my feet waiting to be explored?

In the spirit of adventurism, here are some of the diversions Eugene has to offer.

Owen Memorial Rose Garden

For a more casual pursuit, try the Owen Memorial Rose Garden. Tucked away along the Willamette River, it’s easy to miss this

Black Tartarian Tree in the Owen Memorial Garden. And it's right next to the River House!

In 1992, Eugene Mayor Jim Torrey designated the Owen Cherry an Oregon State Heritage Tree. It is believed to be the largest cherry tree in Oregon.

gem. Boasting over 400 varieties of roses on almost nine acres, it’s a must-see for any nature lover. It’s also home to what is believed to be the country’s oldest and largest Black Tartarian cherry tree.

And gentlemen, looking for some cheap date ideas? This is the perfect place to start, or end, a great day.

Spencer Butte

Just south of Eugene, Spencer Butte offers an incredible vista of Eugene and surrounding areas. There are two main routes to the top, but one is considerably more steep than the other, so be warned. Of course, there’s always room for some improvisation for you swashbucklers out there. Did I just make a pirate reference?

Your doorstep

For the most accessible adventure of all, just head outside. As we Oregonians know, it’s best to take advantage of the sun while it’s out. Now that spring is all but here, it’s time to make up for lost vitamin D. Hop on a bike, play disc golf at Westmoreland, and make sure to visit the Saturday Market come April. Most importantly, just get outside!

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2 responses

31 03 2010
Mike Russell

Westmoreland is a great place to learn disc golf. If it’s a nice day, and you don’t have to be somewhere else, try to hit the course before 3pm.
Also, expect some standing puddles for a week after it rains. Just think of ’em as water hazards. Snazzy!

20 04 2010

Gotta love Eugene’s natural obstacles, eh?

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