Summer activities at the River House

11 04 2010

Ah, is that the sun I see?

Indeed, summer is nearly here, and we’ve got a ton of fun stuff for all the outdoor enthusiasts who eagerly await the changing weather. No matter what your interests, the River House has something to provide for everyone. Here’s a brief primer on some of the activities offered in the coming months.


Do the words rigging and rudder hold a special place in your heart? Sound more like a foreign language? Either way, get out your topsiders, it’s time to sail the open seas (or at least Fern Ridge reservoir). The River House welcomes newcomers and nautical virtuosos alike to tackle Fern Ridge with trained professionals and an internationally recognized curriculum.

Summer in the City Skate Competitions

Every summer, the River House organizes its own skating competition. So, lube up those bearings and make sure your trucks are

A competitor boardslides on a handrail at the River House's skating competition last year.

ready, because it’s time to test your mettle against Eugene’s skaters! For those of us who have a hard time even standing on a stationary board, the River House offers camps to get you rolling along in the right direction!

Challenge Course

If water spray and sea-sickness aren’t your thing, perhaps the Spencer Butte Challenge Course will tantalize you. Boasting an awesome canopy high in the trees of Spencer Butte, the challenge course has something to offer for everyone. Tap into your primate instincts and soon you’ll be swinging from limb to limb like Tarzan. Well, maybe not, but you get the idea.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks. Expect a post soon with more of the fun summer activities the River House has to offer!

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4 11 2010
Rain Jacket ·

everyone would love to have some summer activity because it is always fun and lively “

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