Out in the Artdoors!

26 04 2010

Remember when we were kids (well, some of us still behave like one) and the prospect of scavenger hunts filled you with more enthusiasm than a weekend full of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons? Well, maybe that doesn’t describe any of you, but we’re all different, right?

Out in the Artdoors Urban Adventure Race

A team from last year's Out in the Artdoors poses for a quick snapshot. Out in the Artdoors is a city-wide scavenger hunt that happens every spring.

Either way, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all enjoyed a scavenger hunt or two. Well, welcome to the granddaddy of all scavenger hunts: the River House’s Out in the Artdoors on Saturday, May 8. This is nothing to scoff at, ladies and gentlemen; Out in the Artdoors is just about the most epic thing to happen in Eugene since Phil Knight’s latest endowment check.

What’s that you say? That happens all the time? Oh, well, it’s a really big deal either way.

Essentially, teams of four will test their mettle and pit their wits against other teams in a quest to be the ultimate urban sleuth; Sherlock Holmes has nothing on this. Your team will be complete a series of creative mental and physical challenges throughout Eugene in order to take home top honors.

So, come excited, come prepared, and come with your pith hats on, because it’s time to adventure! Oh and make sure to come hungry too, because we’ll be grilling up some fine eats afterward to reward you for all your hard work!

Art-official Race Rules (as per the City of Eugene’s Web site):

* Each team member will have fun.
* Some may have more fun than others.
* No crying if you don’t win — it’s the process that counts.
* No crying if you do win — we don’t care, and neither will ESPN.
* Be yourself, unless you want to be someone else.
* No cheating — unless it is artistically done and gives you no advantage over other teams.

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