With camping inevitably comes mosquitoes

27 05 2010

photo credit: trebol-a flickr.com

With Memorial Day right around the corner, there’s not a lot of time left for planning the camping trip or family barbecue. One thing that you can’t forget is insect repellent. I hate being out in the woods and getting bit up by mosquitoes! I’m from Wisconsin, and the humidity provides for a harsh mosquito season, but even in the Pacific Northwest, bugs are hard to avoid. In which case, we need some sort of insect repellent.

The problem with most over-the-counter bug sprays is that they contain N,N-Deithyl-meta-toluamide, or DEET, a chemical toxic to both us and our environment. DEET is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but it still creates skin irritations and is linked to neurological disorders according to the an article from Weston A. Price Foundation and recent post from greenyour.com article.

All is not lost. There are many ways to avoid DEET, and still beat the bugs. If you have time to make your own before heading out to camp, check out a recent post from gogreengal.org. Her post, titled “Natural, safe and green homemade insect repellents for the summer,” directs you on how to create homemade bug repellents. The post mentioned above from greenyour.com also offers some options for homemade repellents.

Anti-Bug Balm photo credit: PunkJr flickr.com

If you don’t have time, Market of Choice has a DEET-free, natural bug repellent called Badger Anti-Bug Balm, an organic insect repellent. This is an excellent, safe choice for your family when enjoying the outdoors.

Whether at the River House or enjoying the outdoors on your own, remember to use products that don’t harm our environment or your body. Have a safe, fun and bug-free Memorial Day weekend!

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