Project Full Moon Rising

19 10 2010

FMR participants hiking Goodman Creek

In this day and age, many of us rely on technological advancements to make our lives a little easier. However; we often dismiss the negative impact that this reliance on technology can have on society, and more importantly on young children. Project Full Moon Rising, created by Aimee Goglia of the City of Eugene River House Outdoor Program, was established in response to this issue. Full Moon Rising focuses on connecting youth to nature and inspiring them to maintain this connection during their free time. The program accomplishes this goal through lessons that teach 1st and 2nd graders about the 5 senses as they relate to nature, forest ecology and the water cycle all with a culminating filed trip of canoeing, playing in the snow or rafting. These activities allow children to connect with both the environment and their surrounding communities. Goglia attributes inspiration for this program to Richard Louv and his book, Last Child in the Woods, in which he highlights the disconnection between children and nature. His work has spurred movements across the country to counteract,”nature deficit disorder”, encouraging parents, teachers and community leaders to get their children outdoors and discover the world outside of internet and video games.

FMR participants and staff enjoying a rafting trip on the McKenzie River. For more information on Project Full Moon Rising please contact Aimee Goglia at 541-682-6358

Also, if you are interested in this subject keep an eye out this winter because Richard Louv will be coming soon to speak on the University of Oregon campus.

Written by Grace Stickney

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One response

28 10 2010

Young children today need these programs more than ever. As a former outdoor educator I’ve seen firsthand the impact that this exposure can have on children.

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