Winter Cycling

23 10 2010

Here in Eugene, OR, it is beginning to get a little chilly outside. For the many individuals who depend on their bikes to commute to school, work etc. this means having to bundle up for the next couple months. As a new biker myself, I wanted to do a little research on what gear experts reccommend for chilly and wet weather. Here is what I found, and what local stores carry these items:

1) REI: 306 Lawrence St. Eugene, OR 97401 (541) 465-1800

I am sure many of us have heard of REI, a store dedicated to providing top-of-the-line outdoor gear. This was one of the very first stores I researched and it proved to be very helpful. On the website you can find a list of “How To’s” and one of them just happened to be how to enjoy riding in winter.” This article recommended that the winter biker find a good fender for their bike, because rain and snow will always come up on your back. Also, water-proof backpacks, especially when cycling in the Northwest. REI pretty much carries everything pertaining to cycling including:

  • bikes
  • pants
  • socks
  • pumps
  • tires
  • tools
  • lights

2) Arriving by Bike – 2705 Willamette St. Eugene, OR 97401 (541) 484- 5410

Arriving by Bike is a new shop in Eugene that, “focuses on transportation by bicycle.” This store offers servicing and repairs to bikes, and carries an array of helmets, packs and rain-gear. One great tip I found on the site was to install reflectors on your bike, especially when riding during winter, in more bleak, gray and dark conditions.

Photo courtesy of

3) Bike Friday- (800) 877-0258

Bike Friday is a Green business that specializes in building custom bikes to fit an individuals physical needs. Their factory is located in Eugene, and although they do not have a store that carries gear, their Web store which is found on their website carries an extensive selection of biking gear and safety equipment.

Overall, I have found that the top tips for safety and clothing during the winter season are:

1) Wear bright colors or reflective clothing. Although you might not look “super stylish” it is a lot better than being hit by a car because you were wearing black.

2) Invest in a good pair of gloves. Your hands are the body parts most exposed to the elements in the front of the bike. There are a selection of good wind-proof, water-proof gloves available at all 3 of the listed businesses above.

3) When riding bikes, you tend to get hot, so instead of wearing a bulky winter coat purchase a durable windbreaker or sleeveless vest to keep your torso warm when biking and which will allow you more movement.




2 responses

24 10 2010

So, Why would you not mention any of the local shops that have served cyclists in Eugene for years? There are 14 bike shops in Eugene, some of which have been meeting the needs of winter commuters for over four decades. With that kind of expertise available why would you look to a massive outdoor store or a bike company that doesn’t even have a shop. Your best bet when looking to outfit yourself for the winter conditions is to visit A well established and knowledgable Bike shop with employee’s who commute themselves and live and breath this stuff. Not trying to say that R.E.I. and bike friday are Bad, just saying don’t miss out on the wealth of knowledge at your local shop. Bike shops aren’t just a place to purchase products, they are a place to go for information.

26 10 2010

Dear Deireck,
To answer your question this blog entry was done by our social marketing intern from the U of O School of Journalism who was given a topic to write about and vague directions. Seeing that the blog posts are reflective of our whole program this is a huge reminder of the importance of giving clear information and recognition to those deserving. I appreciate your response and the fact that you took time to comment. I think the blog entry stands to be edited and/or a Part II added because there are many great bike shops that did not receive their due recognition.
Thanks for caring about biking!
Recreation Program Assistant

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