Full Moon Rising goes Tree Climbing!

22 12 2010

Climbing trees…it’s a childhood rite of passage.  Increasingly though, young people are choosing to spend more time interfaced with technology and less time outside connecting to nature.   Concern regarding this growing disconnection has ignited a movement among teachers, parents, and numerous state and local agencies across the nation.  The River House Outdoor Program has recognized for years the unique benefits of spending time in nature, for people of all ages.  We have also recognized that there can be barriers -such as cost, transportation, and experience- in creating a nature experience.  In an effort to eliminate some of those barriers, the Outdoor Program has partnered with Eugene School District 4j to provide more young people the opportunity to have that important nature experience. 

The program is called Full Moon Rising and the goal of the program is to provide young people the opportunity to have a safe, fun, educational, and nature experience during school time.   Each Full Moon Rising session is five weeks long and focuses on a curriculum that is seasonally inspired.  For the first 4 weeks of each session, River House staff visit participating schools and work with students both inside and outside the classroom, integrating environmental concepts with outside play.  The last session is an all day field trip where students have an opportunity to learn new skills and apply their new knowledge.

This fall nine second grade classrooms from four different schools participated in the forest ecology unit of Full Moon Rising.  For their field trips, over 225 second graders climbed a giant redwood tree located in one of our local parks.   Rite of passage restored.




2 responses

23 12 2010

Yeah! Go River House and Full Moon Rising! Way to go Brendan!

3 01 2011


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