Sandy Shaffer Accepts Employee Recognition Award

27 01 2011

Matt McCrae (Climate Action Team), Sandy Shaffer (Youth and Family Recreation Services)

In a response to the budget challenges in FY09, the Youth & Family Recreation Services team was reorganized and restructured. This restructuring placed Sandy Shaffer into the primary leadership position, doubling her responsibilities. The reorganization also elevated the responsibilities of four program supervisors, Roger Bailey, Kim McManus, Gina Tafoya, & Peter Chavannes into more comprehensive leadership roles. Ultimately, the re-organization impacted the responsibilities of over 30 recreation staff.

Facing the challenge of maintaining a high level of services during a time when financial resources were shrinking, and the demand for services from the public was rising, this team has not only responded to the multiple challenges, but has exceeded expectations of service delivery and has maintained a thriving and accessible Youth & Family Recreation Services program for the Eugene community.

Utilizing a Triple Bottom Line approach to recreation programming, Sandy and her team have stretched financial resources and increased revenue production; they have decreased their operating impact on the environment, and have maintained a high level of accessibility to our services. The services continue to have a primary focus on the healthy development of our youth, and providing many educational and experiential opportunities for all families in Eugene.

Sandy’s 20 years of experience in our community as a recreation provider and her skill in building strong relationships between City Departments as well as with a diverse variety of community partners provides a strong foundation for her team to thrive. Sandy’s past experience has embedded her philosophy that positive relationships and partnerships will carry you through challenging times.
Sandy and her team are thriving when similar recreation services around the nation are struggling. They are a prime example of sustainable thinking and doing more with less. We are fortunate to have them as City of Eugene staff.

Craig Smith
Recreation Services Director

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