Ahhh…the Grand Canyon!

6 05 2011

It was only a few weeks ago that I was still rafting on the Colorado River through one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon!  The most asked question since I’ve been back is, “How was your trip?”  My answer has been a hodge podge of the following:  freakin’ amazing, majestic, smooth, safe, fun, and beyond words.  There’s something about floating for 226 miles through this breathtaking canyon that is more expansive than any of the other outdoor trips I’ve done.  The vastness of the landscape around you and actually having time on your hands to just think and look around gives you cause to contemplate your existence and meaning in this thing we call life. 

Nankoweap Granaries

In life I find so much meaning  in the relationships I forge.  Friendships on this trip, as if aided by growth hormones are forged, deepened, and expanded in such a short amount of time.  After spending 21 days (even more if you count all the travel time) with the same group of 20 people – sharing fun, intense, and challenging experiences you see people at their best and their worst.  On our adventure we were lucky enough that the folks in our group were on their best behavior and the dynamics were mostly as smooth as the surface of the water on a still morning. 

Red Wall Cavern

Before this adventure I knew I needed to spend more time outdoors.  Of course I got that while on the river and you better believe I drank fully my time there but I’m still not satiated.  We so often get caught up in the commitments of our plugged in life, that we find it hard to make shifts in our routine.  I was gone just long enough to make a slight shift in my previous routine and start playing outside more. I was talking to our trip leader, Lindsay, and she put it perfectly, “I don’t have to wait for a trip of this magnitude to get outside and play, I can make it part of my everyday routine.”  I hope you too can find the time in your everyday routine to get outside more and play this spring and summer!  Maybe I’ll see you around on bike, at the Columns, or hiking the Butte.

Playing frisbee inside Red Wall Cavern

 I am very grateful for this experience and all who made it possible, especially the management team at the City of Eugene, Recreation Services who approved my vacation and all the River House folks who took on my job duties while away!  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  I definitely came back with a river glow and rejuvenated spirit.

Written by: Colette Ramirez-Maddock, Recreation Program Assistant at the River House


Thunder River


 For your viewing pleasure…


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3 responses

6 05 2011

Your words and photos are beautiful Colette! Thank you for sharing!

10 05 2011
Mel Mann

Thanks for sharing – brings back some memories and a vague longing to get outside! #envy

24 05 2011
Jen Jackson

Ahh, okay, turning of my computer and going outside to play. You’ve convinced me!

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