Because Business People Want To Play Too

27 05 2011

This past week Recreation made a showing at the Eugene Chamber of Commerce Greeter’s Networking Event!  Hosted at the Hilton in downtown Eugene, Youth and Family Section Manager Sandy Shaffer, LRCS Public Relations Manger Kathy Madison, and Spencer Butte Challenge Course Director Robert Brack, took the opportunity to meet with over a hundred people from our business community here in Eugene and share the benefits of recreation and the value of experiential learning. 

Kathy Madison appreciated the general interest people had in our information and felt we made great connections.  Throughout the evening many people expressed their interest in the transfer opportunities that a day on the challenge course could provide.  Individuals, managers, and small business owners were pleased to hear specifics about how recreation programs could increase people’s personal development, raise customer satisfaction, promote productive communication, and enhance their community. 

Sandy expressed that one of her highlights of the evening was getting to speak with so many different people who had a variety of backgrounds and passions.  “We are in an exciting position to provide a unique service to this population that can have a direct influence on our community.”  Some quotes expressed during conversations with people at the event were:

  • “I could see how a day at the course could provide our staff with a shared experience and a place where everyone is on an even playing field.” 
  • “I would hope that my employees would hear that everyone has different ideas and the sharing of those ideas would help all of us to come up with the BEST ideas.”
  • “We are too serious sometimes, and I would enjoy just playing with my co-workers in a different setting.  I think we would be a lot of fun!”
  • “We did a program with the Spencer Butte Challenge Course and found the experience so applicable that we want to continue working with them in the future.” 


Robert had the opportunity to hear about different business that operate in the Eugene area and enjoyed talking with each person about their role and the services they provide.  “When I listen to people and ask about the goals of their organization, I share in their excitement and want to partner with them to become a resource to achieving their goals.”  

In addition to sponsoring an exhibit at the event, the Spencer Butte Challenge Course submitted an item in the Silent Auction.  Congratulations to Mary Adams, whose bid won her a 1 hour Experiential Workshop for the group of her choice. 

Thank you to the Eugene Chamber of Commerce for being such great hosts and offering us the opportunity to meet so many people working in our community.

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