Outdoor Seekers: An Oregon Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights Program

24 06 2011

In May of 2009, individuals from across the state of Oregon and from federal, state, local and non-profit agencies, gathered for the Oregon Outdoor Recreation Rendezvous. The intent of the Rendezvous was to help unify our efforts to increase participation, for both youth and adults, in outdoor recreation. Through presentations, conversations, as well as inspiration from the keynote speaker, one action item rose to the top of our list of priorities…the creation of the Oregon’s Children Outdoor Bills of Rights (OCOBOR).  In the year that followed, a committee convened and created a list of 10 things that every child should have the opportunity to experience.  They include:

  • Follow a trail
  • Go boating
  • Camp out under the stars
  • Learn to swim
  • Walk barefoot on the beach
  • Climb a tree
  • Observe animals in their habitat
  • Catch a fish
  • Play in a nearby park
  • Explore Oregon’s culture and history

Once the list was created, and with the help of the Oregon Recreation Parks Association, we sought endorsements from individuals and agencies across the state.  With over 60 groups supporting OCOBOR, our next step was a proclamation from the Governor.  In September of 2010, the governor declared that all children have a right to experience the activities highlighted in the outdoor bill or rights.

Phase two of the OCOBOR was to help unify outdoor recreation providers in the state of Oregon and provide a program structure that would attract more youth and families to spending time outdoors. This phase included creating a website with information from recreation providers across the state so that youth and families could find outdoor recreation resources in their community and participate in the Outdoor Seekers Passport program (geared towards youth age 6-12).  With a generous contribution from Oregon State Parks, the website was created and went live this May.  Though the program is in its infancy, new outdoor recreation opportunities are being added weekly.

To find out more about outdoor activities in your area how to participate in the Outdoor Seekers program, check out our new website,http://www.outdoorseekers.com/

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24 06 2011

Love the boat number 007. Is this a boat load of “secret agent outdoor seekers”?

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