Transformation Through Challenges

23 09 2011

Yesterday, thanks to Mobility International USA (MIUSA), I had the pleasure to work with a group of women from Jordan on Spencer Butte Challenge Course. The support team included 4 English-to-Arabic interpreters, 3 sign language interpreters, 4 challenge course staff, and 3 MIUSA staff. The nine Jordanian women, who live with a variety of physical disabilities, successfully navigated all the challenges we presented them with: including balancing the whole group on a teetering platform, wheelchairs and all; climbing 20 feet into a tree and pulling themselves on a platform across a series of cables; and swinging from 45 feet hgih, on a giant swing.

All day long, I was in awe of the process. Everything we said in English was translated into Arabic, and then into Arabic sign language. Through this process, we were all able to communicate on a deep level: about support, being open-minded, trying new challenges, perseverence, and other very real human needs. It was beautiful.

I want to celebrate MIUSA as a local non-profit organization that is truly working to break down barriers on so many levels. They are doing fabulous work. I am also feeling grateful for the opportunity to work as a facilitator at Spencer Butte Challenge Course, where groups come to experience transformation in their own unique ways. It feels like meaningful work.

(photos to follow, when available)

Written by Jess Land, Challenge Course Staff

To learn more about Mobility International  USA:




One response

24 09 2011

Hand waves to the awesome staff at River House joining us at Spencer Butte challenge course. Kristen, Robert, Jess and Wes……your teamwork and communication and thorough attention and diligence to safety made the adventure and leaps into air a step and tug not to fear but show with support and co-operation we can defy the gravities conspiring to hold us down.

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