Colette’s Resolution…You Should Try It Too!

3 01 2012

Once again it’s time to make that New Year’s resolution.  The craziness of the holidays has passed, a new year has begun, and it is a time to reflect upon those things that are no longer serving us and bring into our lives those that do.  I know not all of you out there like to do this sort of thing, but I do!  I relish in the opportunities for self-reflection.  Why not find one more way to improve my life?  Life is so short, let’s live it whole heartedly following our passions and create the life we dream of.  Who’s to stop us?  Not me.   I’m going to do my best to not get in my own way one resolution at a time.

This year’s resolution for me is to create more balance in my life with the energy that I put out into the world and that which I put back into myself.  What this means for me is making sure that I prioritize doing the things that keep me healthy – dancing, yoga, going for walks, spending time with my husband, and getting outdoors to play and sometimes saying “no” to the many social invites that get floated my way.  I am a people pleaser and want to have my hand up in the mix of many things which means I sometimes spread myself too thin (hence, that dratted cold that keeps lingering). So, here it is World Wide Web, to take a line from my Wilderness Medicine Institute classes when assessing the scene, “I’m #1!”  To some this may sound narcissist but, I believe that you cannot fully give unto the world until you take care of yourself.

Pure and simple self-love is what my resolution is all about.  You should try it too!  I wish you all a fruitful 2012, that
finds you healthy, happy, with your dreams coming true!

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