Commingle Recycling!!

19 03 2012

This is just a friendly reminder on COMMINGLE RECYCLING and what items are included in the BIG BLUE BIN.

From Sanipac:

Aluminum Cans & Foil:

Preparation: Rinse. No food particles allowed.

Acceptable: Aluminum cans and foil (crumpled into a ball no smaller than your fist), TV dinner trays, pie pans

Unacceptable: No steel. No aerosol cans. No paint cans.  No chemical cans.


Preparation: Rinse containers, remove and discard lids (Note:  Weyerhaeuser in Glenwood will accept plastic caps and lids contained in a plastic bag).  In the form of a jug, tub or bottle only.

Acceptable: ONLY codes #1 through #5 and #7.

Unacceptable: No block foam, packing peanuts, no plastic bags, No Tupperware/Rubbermaid items.  No #6 polystyrene.


Preparation: Flatten all items

Acceptable: All corrugated cardboard (three-ply with visible wavy layer inside).

Unacceptable: No waxed boxes.


Acceptable: Newspaper, Magazines, Junk Mail, Computer Paper, Paperback books, Phone books, cereal boxes, gift wrap, and glossy brochures.

Unacceptable: No paper cups. No paper plates. No tissue paper. No napkins.  No paper towels.


Glass Bottles and Jars:

Preparation: Rinse.

Acceptable:  Brown, green, and clear.  Labels are OK.

Unacceptable: Pyrex dishes, drinking glasses, light bulbs, window or mirror glass.

Are you wondering what to do with Applicances, Auto Batteries, Household Batteries, Motor Oil, Scrap Metal, Tires, etc.?

Go to:

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