Staff In The Spotlight – Justin James

5 10 2012

The River House Outdoor Program is pleased to announce Justin James as our next staff in the spotlight!  Justin brings passion, compassion, and a great work ethic to everything he does at the River House.  We have  seen  him learn and grow this last year and he has become an integral member of our team.  Thank you Justin for all of your hard work!

How did you get involved with the River House Outdoor Program?

Well okay, I got involved with the River House through my good friend Nick Propios, doing the summer skateboarding camps. I saw him teaching skateboard and said “Get me in there!”

What’s your favorite part about the River House Outdoor Program?

My favorite part of the River House is got to be the people involved! Everyone who works there or helps out are just great people. Everyone is inclusive and has a joy for life. They want you to succeed. They  are the type of  people that want to change the community for the better. And they all love what they teach and it’s apparent in their attitude and actions.

The inspiration I get from my fellow instructors. They may not be in my discipline, but they teach me so many things. It is an honor to work with so many such souls.

What’s something people might not know about the Outdoor Program that you’d like to share?

Something I’d like to share…That we’re here! A lot of people just don’t know about us. Spread the word.  We offer something for everyone – river activities, rock climbing, skateboarding, snowboarding, tree climbing! Seriously, something for everyone!

What are your goals for the Outdoor Program?

I guess my goals aren’t too big; I just want people to be aware of the programs. And when I teach, I want the people to leave stoked they decided to try this out.

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

My favorite outdoor activity would be skateboarding. I’m sorry, but if I’m outside and it’s sunny, I’m skating or wishing I was. But,  I do enjoy just about anything that keeps you moving and not being inside. Hiking, frisbee, rafting, soccer, it doesn’t matter, just go outside!

What’s your favorite color? Book? Movie? Song? Sport?

Sounds kinda cliche here, but my favorite color is green, with yellow at a close second. Favorite book? I don’t read that often ha. Don’t know if it counts, but the Watchman graphic novel was amazing! Probably the best thing I’ve read.. Fav movie would have to be “Signs”.  I think that or the Iron Giant Haha. Fav song, that’s tough. First thing in my head is a song called Metronome by Eligh. It’s a great album too. And  Fav sport, skateboarding, with basketball second.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my spare time I’m skateboarding and filming for movies that we make. Trying to get out there one trick at a time!

What’s your most memorable experience at the River House?

My most memorable time would probably be river guide school back in early April. Five days of river and camping with an amazing group of people. Camp fires, rolling rapids, guiding Martins rapid for the first time, and cold wetsuits at 8:30 in the morning! That was seriously fun stuff!

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