Bike Education Fleet STOLEN!

22 10 2012

From Eugene Safe Routes to School Program:

One of the 4J Bike Safety Education trailers with 40 Bike Friday bikes and equipment was stolen this weekend from Prairie Mountain School in the Bethel School District. We are working this morning with police and partner agency’s to gather information and get the word out.  Here’s what we have so far:

The trailer (with the bikes inside) were parked in the back of Prairie Mountain School and last seen Saturday about Noon. The church group at the school said they didn’t see the trailer there on Sunday morning at 6:30. The City of Eugene Bike Safety Instructor arrived at the school early Monday morning and saw that the trailer was gone and called to report it.

Here are pictures of the trailer and the bikes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also inside the trailer were:
40 Reflective safety vests
45 Helmets
Full Park Tool kit & repair stand
3 walkie-talkie radios (Midland
6 traffic safety signs (stop, yield, one-way, pedestrian)
small air compressor (Orange Black & Decker) & extension cord
Bike floor pump (yellow Topeak Joe Blow)
Tubes and parts

We are obviously crushed by this! Just as our bike eduction program was on a great upswing this loss of over $30,000 worth of equipment is devastating. It looks like the fleet that Bethel has been working hard to put together might be ready in time for this class to get back on the bikes to finish their classes but we now have to see what to do for the next schools we were going to teach at.

Here’s a link to a KMTR story on the fleet.

Here’s a link to a video the city is working on.

Please call Eugene Police with any information.


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