Creating and maintaining an Adventure Journal.

12 01 2016


Happy New Years!

A new year is a popular time to start or restart a journal.  Journals record all types of life experiences including: dreams, gardens, birding, inner thought diaries, weather conditions, travel logs and so on.  Journaling is often prescribed for inner reflection and meditation.  It can be used to record everyday life, or saved for momentous moments and trips.

For me, a journaling experience that required an everyday commitment or long writing sessions would not last long.  The moments of life I often try to recall through my fleeting memory are of past adventures.  Who was on the trip, when did we do it and how long did it take, what were conditions, where was that cool campsite we found in the middle of the night, what are good water levels for that river?  I try to record this information before the next adventure starts.  Everything from short trail rides to weeklong road trips are recorded and I’m surprised how helpful the information becomes and the memories that flood back when reading through the basic info.  It’s even fun to go through and count how your own trends change through the years.  How many times you camp out this year compared to last year or how many river days you had in 2013?

Journaling can be a painless exercise that records useful info or a personal challenge to record life as you live it.  It requires you take time and reflect on experiences and can catch a moment in time for your own memories or an audience.  Give it a try if you never have or knock the dust off your journal if you’re in a slump.  All it takes is a pencil, paper, and an experience.  Well, I guess a computer would work too.

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