Staff In The Spotlight

The River House Outdoor Program is pleased to announce Allison Beard as our next staff in the spotlight!  When Allison teaches and shares what she loves–and her writing and photos will clearly show what that is–her face lights up, and her joy is quite literally contagious.  We are so thankful for the wonder she instills in her students, adult and children alike. Thanks, Allison, for being a part of the River House team!

Pictured with a northern saw-whet owl.

Pictured with a northern saw-whet owl.

How did you get involved with the River House Outdoor Program?

In high school I took part in an after-school program that was run by the River House – ATHENA. It was an art and outdoors program for girls and I LOVED it. Many years later I was searching for job opportunities and saw a posting for an Outdoor Environmental Instructor – all my memories of the River House flooded back and here I am!

Hiking at Mt. Aso, Japan

Hiking at Mt. Aso, Japan



What’s your favorite part about the River House Outdoor Program? 

I have two favorites. One is the community of people who work at the River House. It’s a wonderful feeling to be part of such a supportive, inclusive, and diverse group. Secondly, the opportunities! Working at the River House is marvelous because we are all encouraged to learn new skills, explore novel activities, and also contribute our own ideas to the entire process. There is so much opportunity for growth.


What’s something people might not know about the Outdoor Program that you’d like to share?

That there are scholarships available! If you’d like to take part in a program but aren’t sure you can afford it please contact our office to look into scholarships.

In Mongolia, during a field research section of graduate school.

In Mongolia, during a field research section of graduate school.


What are your goals for adults or youth who participate in the Outdoor Program?

My goals as an instructor are for my participants have fun, feel inspired, and connect with nature. I want participants to walk away with their hearts lifted, with a renewed sense of wonder about the world. Outdoor recreation is a wonderful platform to get people involved with their natural surroundings and remind them of how truly amazing our world is.

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

Goodness, that’s a difficult one. I probably love hiking best – I love exploring nature on foot.

What’s your favorite color? Movie? Song?

I can’t answer most of these questions because they’re impossible to answer. Except one – without a doubt my favorite color is green.

Me with a red-tailed hawk recently road-trapped and banded.

Me with a red-tailed hawk recently road-trapped and banded.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to travel, cuddle with my cats, read books, work with raptors, and as aforementioned, hike!


What’s your most memorable experience at the River House?

I have had so many amazing experiences at the River House – the most memorable of which are small. Discussing entomology with a 6-year old participant, seeing a bicycle safety student gain confidence riding, having a child light up when they enter the forest. Life is full of beautiful, small moments.


At Machu Picchu, Peru.

At Machu Picchu, Peru.



5 responses

18 10 2013
Carol J. Temte

Thanks for sharing this wonderful opportunity program for staff and participants.

10 01 2014

Horray for Omar! You have been such a pleasure to work with.

10 01 2014

Omar is the BEST. 🙂

12 01 2014
Richard Levy

Thanks for sharing and being part of the River House.

6 02 2014

I love that you do what you do when you do…..

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